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  • (6/6) Hee hee hee, my crude logging software made my CPU go over quota. Working on fix now... fixed.

Known Bugs:

TODO List:

Want to see other features on this TODO list? E-mail me.
  • Rebuilding IGoogle locally (needed for testing) -- DONE (will use igoogle.corp instead)
  • Build sudoku generator -- DONE
  • Working Gadget with ten diagonal Sudoku Puzzles (requires remastering of encoding) -- DONE
  • Write wrapper for all gadgets, to handle hostname issues and Django filtering -- DONE
  • Create summary page with updates, suggestion box, this tasklist -- DONE
  • Deal with all the testing issues caused by test workstation moving to San Francisco -- DONE
  • Change Gadget so that the whole IFRAME is on app engine, and not just the XML -- will not do, replaced with Google Gadgets Working with Remote Content instead. but something to think about when doing Facebook integration.
  • Adding a simple "username" identification to gadget -- DONE
  • Adding a message log to gadget -- DONE (and now it doesn't suck (as badly))
  • Move Gadgets-based API for storing "solved puzzle state" to App Engine -- DONE
  • Too many files are being served dynamically. Must up the amount of static content. First, let me try to not run everything through the templating code...
  • UI Enhancement: Add keyboard shortcuts -- DONE
  • Move Gadget APIs to local storage -- DONE
  • Change all the AJAX to be DOM-based, making things load faster -- DONE
  • Move logging and storage code to puzzle-utils6.js -- DONE
  • Add static handlers for most static scripts -- DONE
  • Add ability to save and load per-puzzle state -- DONE
  • Add way to get a new UID -- DONE
  • Add timestamps to logs and server-side data -- DONE
  • Adding autosave feature -- DONE
  • Add one puzzle a day (automatically) -- well, being added, but not automatic yet
  • Allow for google accounts on home page to also use UID systems -- DONE
  • Add timer functionality to UI -- deferred
  • Set up cron job to automate puzzle-a-day generation -- deferred
  • Add timing into general scoring, using Sphinx code if possible (user records will probably be erased) -- deferred
  • Create standalone page on appspot.com, just a container for the gadget -- DONE
  • Add Global high score list to standalone page -- DONE
  • Add Player-global-ranking high score list to standalone page -- DONE
  • Add Friend high score list to standalone page (requires Open Social)
  • Add Player-friend-ranking high score list to standalong page
  • Deal with necessary speed enhancements (ask Ryan Barrett) if not done already
  • Add Facebook integration to above
  • Allow players to rank individual puzzles (maybe also leave comments)?
  • Allow players to challenge friends
  • (Suggestion from Zhen Wang): set up GGS for testing
  • (Suggestion from Zhen Wang): Move to gadgets.* APIs